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What is Tango?
Tango is a partner dance that is based on the embrace.
It is a social dance.
The place where tango is practice is called a “milonga” (tango dance party).
A particular kind of music, called “tango” as well, is used to dance.
It originated in Buenos Aires, and other big cities around the area, known as Rio de La Plata, in Argentina and Uruguay.
It represents the cultural identity of the population of this area in particular, and Argentina and Uruguay in general.
Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is where tango is practiced in its most authentic form.
It represents a tradition, with a history, which is related to the history of its countries of origin in particular, and to the world’s history in general.
It is also related to the life of real people.
A tango education is required in order to appreciate it.
It is a lifestyle.
It is art with multiple dimensions.
It is beautiful, honest, humble, great and very real.

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