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Terms and conditions:

  1. We accept only ONE GROUPON voucher per student/couple.
  2. GROUPON vouchers are for valid only for the specific item assigned and cannot be use to get a different item.
  3. We accept Groupon’s vouchers from NEW STUDENTS ONLY.
  4. Classes cards can be used at all our three locations.
  5. 8 classes series’ cards apply to one series only. You can not roll over unused classes to another series, but you can use the 8 classes series’ card at any of our three locations during the 8 weeks of the card’ series. If you cannot commit to the whole 8 classes series, we recommend you to purchase either single classes, 4 classes’ card (good for 60 days) or 8 classes’ cards (good for 90 days). For more information, click here.
  6. Classes cards are for one individual and are not transferable.
  7. Refund policy: For all lessons/classes purchased as a package, deal or at a discounted rate, in case of refund, the lessons/classes already redeemed revert to the regular price of one class. Regarding Groupon’s vouchers, Groupon is the entity responsible of refunds.
  8. Groupon deals do not include milonga (dance party) after the class.
  9. Deals and discounts cannot be combined and each person/couple is allowed to get only one deal or discount.
  10. RESCHEDULING FEE: If you need to reschedule your series, for all series purchased with a deal or discount, a $15 rescheduling fee is required. To pay the rescheduling fee online, click here.

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