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Program for intermediates:

  • Class 1: Walking and “cadencia”. Change of weight and change of direction. Corrida and pause. “Guardia Vieja”, “Guardia Nueva” and “Golden Era” of tango.
  • Class 2: Review of class 1, embrace, lead and follow. Dissociation in tango moves. Enrosque. Julio De Caro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Carlos Di Sarli.
  • Class 3: Previous classes’ review, walking and systems. Pivots and ochos. Circular ochos, small and big ochos. The beginning of the Golden Era: D’Arienzo, Lomuto, Donato and Canaro.
  • Class 4: Previous classes’ review, intermediates changes of direction and turns with sacadas. The 4 main orchestras of the Golden Era.
  • Class 5: Previous classes’ review, turns and planeos. Calesita and cadena. The singers: Fiorentino, Echagüe, Berón, Podestá, Vargas, Rufino, Chanel.
  • Class 6: Previous classes’ review, intermediate crosses and figures. Osvaldo Pugliese.
  • Class 7: Previous classes’ review, embellishments. Walking beautifully. The later orchestras.
  • Class 8: Previous classes’ review, milonga with traspié and vals cruzado.

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