Buenos AiresOne of our key activities are our tours to Buenos Aires.

We organize a tour twice a year, during spring and fall. These tours are very educational: Buenos Aires is a big city; you have hundreds of choices in terms of Tango activities. But keep in mind that tango is, for many, a business, a source of income.

When tango came back to the mainstream in Argentina, during the middle 80’s, it was a ”tsunami”. It suddenly inundated the sociocultural scene of Buenos Aires and other cities. It produced a big demand on the “market” that was very undersupplied. The milongueros at the time, were unaware of that process. You can take a look to the documentary “Tango, bayle nuestro” by Jorge Zanada, 1988. In that documentary you can see the old milongueros of 1987 stating that Tango “had died”.

It happened that most of the people who took the lead in satisfying the strong “demand” for Tango, were “sociocultural entrepreneurs”, only tangentially related to Tango. Some of them are still predominant in the tango scene of Buenos Aires. Their initial lead was essential to the revival of tango. They helped to create the conditions that allowed later the milongueros’ comeback to the mainstream, so the people with real knowledge of tango were able to organize milongas and teach new milongueros.

That is why, if you go to Buenos Aires without a guidance of a real insider, most likely you will see the entertainment industry side of Tango, much improvised, very “homemade”, but an industry, not a culture.

ClassesA typical day in Buenos Aires with our tour:

  1. We meet at noon for City tours and having lunch.
  2. Afternoon and early evenings classes and practicas in the . Between 2 to 4 hours.
  3. Milongas every night.

We leave the mornings an early afternoon free for any private lessons you may like to take while in Buenos Aires.

Also, you can choose from a variety of separate tours: City Tours, visit to an Estancia in the countryside, special guided tours (to a specific neighborhood or museum). We will provide a list with options.

The hotel and the school are located in the Congreso area (Balvanera).

Our tours are a lot of fun and provide many insights about the real life of milongueros and tango in Buenos Aires.

We work with Maestros that are authentic milongueros, so you will see them at the milongas we go to.

One of the key elements of our tour is to assist you in learning how to move around the City: use public transportation, advice you about which areas are safe and which should be avoided.

Spanish is a must in Buenos Aires, if you want to experience it fully. The next best thing is to have local contacts that can take care of you. These are some of the main elements that shape our tour.

If you are interested in our NEXT TOUR TO BUENOS AIRES, you can contact us calling 415-412-1866 or email marcelo@escuelatangoba.com. Please click here to see details and pricing for NEXT TOUR TO BUENOS AIRES.